SXSW 2018

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See you at SXSW March 12, 2018

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Jan 3 Barracuda - small.jpg
Jan 7 - Empire Auto - small.jpg

Two shows coming up for FREE WEEK in Austin!  Come party with us!

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November 17, 2017


Get your face over to The Electric Church in Austin, TX on Friday November 17... and we will rock that face right off your body.

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Built By Snow

Keep up with us on facebook and instagram for updates and current news!

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Re-creation of the first BBS practice with our new 5th member, Kevin Sparks! He actually made his entrance into the band by falling through the ceiling in his garage right before we practiced. 100% true. aaahhhh....AAAHHHHH!!!

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Monkey + Pencil + PA + Speakers


PA and speakers are out of storage! Remember 8 years ago when we decided to take a break, and then only played one or two shows a year since? Today, our break is finally over. Time to get to work making more music for all you weird kids.

by jp